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Certain CF cards may not work with Nikon D800

Posted by on March 23, 2012

I’ve just tried my Patriot 16GB LX Series 600x CF card and it’s constantly coming up with an error every time I insert it into the Nikon D800. It might be an idea to avoid buying it until some possible firmware update for the D800 is released to allow the use of it.

The Lexar Professional 600x 16GB works perfectly!

Update (28/03/2012): From the comments left on this post I’m assembling a list of the cards and if they work or not. Please leave a comment if you can help add to the list…

Update 2 (22/01/2013): I’ve just updated the list based on the 100+ comments. I’m still surprised that Nikon or memory manufacturers haven’t come up with a solution. If any manufacturers wish to contact me to remove their card(s) off the list by sending a supporting statement I’ll happily do so.

Confirmed to work by users:

  • Adata 533x 32GB CF
  • Kingston 16GB 133X CF (report of some photos not being written to the card after 20+ shots)
  • Lexar 16GB & 32GB 600x Professional
  • Lexar 8GB 300x Professional
  • Photofast 32GB 366x
  • Photofast 533 x 8+16+32 GB
  • Pixelflash 600X 64GB Light Speed Professional
  • SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro (CF & SD)
  • Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition 4+8 GB
  • Silicon Power 400x 32GB
  • Transcend 8GB (133x)
  • Transcend 32GB 400x CF (note one report of it erroring out)
  • Transcend CF 600x 64 GB
  • TRANSCEND 32GB CF 600x works fine
  • 8GB eye-fi pro

Errored out:

  • Acumen 16gb 600X
  • Delkin UDMA 8GB & and UDMA6 8GB
  • Duracell 16GB & 32GB 600x CF
  • Duracell Pro Photo SDXC 64GB
  • Flashraptor CF 32gb 600X UDMA6
  • Hama High Speed Pro 8GB CF
  • Kingston 32GB 266X card
  • Kingston Ulitmate 266x 32GB and 16GB
  • Kingston ultimate 600x 16GB & 32GB
  • Kingston elite pro 133X 16GB
  • Lexar 32gb 1000x (Commenter has been in contact with Nikon Tech Services)
  • MustangFlash Interlagos 633x 32GB
  • Patriot 16GB 600x LX Series
  • ProMASTER UltraMax 16GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb
  • Silicon Power 400x 64GB
  • Transcend 32GB 400x (one user (Ben Ten) commented that it worked fine in theirs)
  • Transcend 32GB 600x
  • Formatting issues with the Trancend 32GB SDHC

Please bear in mind this is not a post about what cards to buy, it’s simply a list of cards users have found to produce errors. It does not take into account faulty cards, wrongly formatted cards or perhaps the odd broken camera.

One commenter (Bazza) left a link to a site that has done speed testing on various CF & SDHC cards. I’m sure many will find it handy to check out


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