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Certain CF cards may not work with Nikon D800

Posted by on March 23, 2012

I’ve just tried my Patriot 16GB LX Series 600x CF card and it’s constantly coming up with an error every time I insert it into the Nikon D800. It might be an idea to avoid buying it until some possible firmware update for the D800 is released to allow the use of it.

The Lexar Professional 600x 16GB works perfectly!

Update (28/03/2012): From the comments left on this post I’m assembling a list of the cards and if they work or not. Please leave a comment if you can help add to the list…

Update 2 (22/01/2013): I’ve just updated the list based on the 100+ comments. I’m still surprised that Nikon or memory manufacturers haven’t come up with a solution. If any manufacturers wish to contact me to remove their card(s) off the list by sending a supporting statement I’ll happily do so.

Confirmed to work by users:

  • Adata 533x 32GB CF
  • Kingston 16GB 133X CF (report of some photos not being written to the card after 20+ shots)
  • Lexar 16GB & 32GB 600x Professional
  • Lexar 8GB 300x Professional
  • Photofast 32GB 366x
  • Photofast 533 x 8+16+32 GB
  • Pixelflash 600X 64GB Light Speed Professional
  • SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro (CF & SD)
  • Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition 4+8 GB
  • Silicon Power 400x 32GB
  • Transcend 8GB (133x)
  • Transcend 32GB 400x CF (note one report of it erroring out)
  • Transcend CF 600x 64 GB
  • TRANSCEND 32GB CF 600x works fine
  • 8GB eye-fi pro

Errored out:

  • Acumen 16gb 600X
  • Delkin UDMA 8GB & and UDMA6 8GB
  • Duracell 16GB & 32GB 600x CF
  • Duracell Pro Photo SDXC 64GB
  • Flashraptor CF 32gb 600X UDMA6
  • Hama High Speed Pro 8GB CF
  • Kingston 32GB 266X card
  • Kingston Ulitmate 266x 32GB and 16GB
  • Kingston ultimate 600x 16GB & 32GB
  • Kingston elite pro 133X 16GB
  • Lexar 32gb 1000x (Commenter has been in contact with Nikon Tech Services)
  • MustangFlash Interlagos 633x 32GB
  • Patriot 16GB 600x LX Series
  • ProMASTER UltraMax 16GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb
  • Silicon Power 400x 64GB
  • Transcend 32GB 400x (one user (Ben Ten) commented that it worked fine in theirs)
  • Transcend 32GB 600x
  • Formatting issues with the Trancend 32GB SDHC

Please bear in mind this is not a post about what cards to buy, it’s simply a list of cards users have found to produce errors. It does not take into account faulty cards, wrongly formatted cards or perhaps the odd broken camera.

One commenter (Bazza) left a link to a site that has done speed testing on various CF & SDHC cards. I’m sure many will find it handy to check out


128 Responses to Certain CF cards may not work with Nikon D800

  1. Michael

    Thanks, All my CF cards error, I almost returned the D800. Now I just need to get a Lexar pro card. Also I talk to the staff at my local camera store they told me that the D4 is also doing this.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the comment. Kind of glad I wasn’t the only one then! Just a waste for a perfectly good CF card.
    Hope you enjoy your new D800! I’m impressed by it, I just need to match it with some skill…

  3. Andrew Marks

    Also having issues with the Kingston 32GB 266X card. Fine in my D700 but “Error” in the D800

  4. Tyson

    I had the same problem, but if you check out page 435 of the English d800 user manual you’ll see why certain cards dont work.

    • Mike

      Tyson, no reason is given in the manual. The manual simply says that Sandisk and Lexar cards were tested and approved. It doesn’t say anything about other cards.

  5. Micah


    Huh? Looking at the manual on page 435, there is a matrix of what cards have been tested. I see no answer to the question of “why certain cards dont work”.

    I wonder if the dual slot works with the fast SD cards as well as the D7000. The 95mb/s cards appear to work damn near their full rated write speed. If they do, they may have just replaced CF for me.

  6. Ed Muralla

    I’m in good hand then. I haven’t gotten my D800 yet but I already bought new set of cards just for this camera. Got two Lexar Professional 600x SD (the fastest they have in the market for now) and a set of 1000x CF cards. Sandisk Extreme used to worked fine with me until a card got currupted, never recovered the photos.

  7. Gary

    My ProMASTER UltraMax 16GB CF card doesn’t work. But (as per the manual) my SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CF and SD cards work fine.

  8. tom lock

    My D800 doesn’t like my Hama High Speed Pro 8GB CF card which worked perfectly well in my D700.

  9. Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart

    All Sandisk cards up to 32GB works SD and CF work here, Transcend 8GB (133x) work, Lexar 16 GB work too, also the old silver ones.

    • Francesco

      The transcent 8Gb is CF o SDHC?
      Nice to know, because the transcent CF are quite cheap respect other most fomous brands! Any information about 32gb ones?

  10. admin

    Thanks for the comments…
    I’m updating the post with your feedback so we can form some type of white/black list of cards.

    • Eugene Powers

      I have Duracell 32gb 600x and can confirm that it does not work.
      But I just bought Topram 64gb 600x and it works perfectly in D800e.
      It also works in Canon 7D.

  11. Lumenatic

    Kingston ultimate 600x 16GB does not work, add it to the list. I wrote a blogpost about this, also I linked to this article here.

  12. Tim Harrison

    The Duracell 32GB 600x CF card errors out for me.

  13. hq

    You spend $3000 on a camera, then thousands on a lens and other gear, but you won’t spend on your memory card? It’s the most important. It’s the one holding your data. Buy the best out there and stick only with SanDisk (Extreme Pro) or Lexar (1000x UDMA7 CF or 600x SD UHS-I)

  14. admin

    Hi hq,
    The main reason to get the best cards is for increasing the number of shots that can be taken in a burst. I’m getting 19 shots before it slows down on the Lexar card.
    I believe it’s just a case that people are being inconvenienced by not being able to use the same CF cards they’ve been using in their D3, D700 or D300. Speed isn’t everything and also there would be a hope that if some manufacturer says their card is CompactFlash “UDMA 6” then it would conform to the various specifications expected of it.
    Thanks for the comment,

    • hq

      Hi Ross,

      Thanks for your response. I agree with you. It is unfortunate that items do not perform up to their rated specs. And yes, the D800 should “slow down” writing to the card, and not error out. It is just that many people underestimate the importance of storage (and I’ve been burnt few times, luckily never with CF/SD so far).

      I’m still waiting for my D800 (pre-ordered on Feb 7th), so can’t perform any tests myself.

      Thanks for maintaining the list.


  15. Aden Gower

    Lexar 32GB 600x Professional works

  16. weyskipper

    Don’t laugh at this! I use the Sandisk Extreme Pro cards on the D800 and D700. They work great. However, I do go on long treks, so I take 5 Sandisks and use Transcend (read cheap) 133x extras, in case I run out of space. I have tested them on the D800 and they work fine. If anybody is any a budget (like me) they are worth having as a worst case scenario.

  17. Adrian

    I have issues with CF Sandisk Extreme 32gb + SD Sandisk Extreme Pro 8 gb. This combination is creating once in a few hundred of photos the camera to stop responding (black LCD, camera does not turn off, solution > remove battery). The fix was only to use the 32gb card. I didn;t had time to explore more since all week I’ve been shooting.

  18. admin

    Thanks guys,
    Adrian’s issue sounds like it’s something entirely different to the issue where they’re not working at all. Crossing fingers a firmware update is released soon, I don’t fancy that type of issue when shooting festivals this summer!

  19. Gregory Wilson

    I don’t understand why everybody that uses this professional camera doesn’t buy brand name professional cards. With that being said, some of these cheaper cards that don’t work right with the D800 haven’t worked with Nikon cameras since the D200. Just saying, this isn’t anything new, you can’t use cheap media with your professional camera.

    • Wolfgang

      Thats’s wrong ! With all my cards that are not working in D4/D800 I never had any Problems with D300s/D700/D3/D3s ! Over Years !

      The only Cards with errors in the last 10 Years I had : Sandisk + Transcent !

    • Eugene Powers

      D800/e is not a professional camera. More like Prosumer camera.
      Professional camera manual would not spend 2 pages to teach you how to use self-timer or some other amateur stuff. Regardless, if Nikon only tested Sandisk or Lexar in their cameras I think that would be against the law and grounds for class action lawsuit.

      • Eugene Powers

        Just want to add that Lexar or Sandisk is not any better or worst than any other company out there. Who the hell made them special? They are are just memory manufacturers and not very good one to boot.

        • Spiros Zaharakis

          +1 I agree 100% with that. I work with digital cameras since 2003 and so far I had 8 Lexar, 1 Sandisk and 2 Transcend cards die on me.
          That’s an 80% failure rate for Lexar (8 out of 10) 100% failure rate on Sandisk (1 out of 1) and 33% failure rate on Transcend 2 out of 6.
          I also have various other cards (Pretec, Silicon Power, Ridata, Platinum) that either work flawlessly till today or worked flawlessly till I got them retired due to small size.
          Any flash memory can fail.
          Buying Sandisk or Lexar isn’t safer than any other brand. Only costlier.

  20. Weyskipper

    Hi Francesco, I bought mine at amazon, here’s the link. I went for the slowest, cheapest ones. On the D800 they are VERY slow because of the file sizes, but fortunately the buffer is good.

    • Francesco

      Thanks a lot Weyskipper.
      This is exactly the one I want to buy. I will use it just for backup, because I prefer to use SD cards.

  21. burgerman

    32gb 533 Adata CF (cheap) cards work fine and fast – 80mb per sec at 50 dollars a pop

    as does the 8gb eye-fi pro card – but slower..

  22. Marc

    I’m getting D800 (when it arrives didn’t get the first allocation:-/) I’m coming from Video Camera background. Hope this isn’t to basic a question but when dealing with DSLR’s what are the pro’s & Con’s for using CF or SDHC cards? I will be using the D800 for both stills and video. When working on video with an EX1 it is suggested that a Class 10 SDHC card is a suitable speed. What should I be taking into consideration when buying either CF or SDHC is it just speed?
    Many thanks

    • chris

      Try to buy the Sandisk Extreme Pro UDMA 6 cards (for CF ) and get the 90 Mb/s speed.
      That’s very fast. 64 GB are the best.

      Only get the Extreme Pro SDXC not the SDHC cards for the smaller slot. Make sure they are 95 Mb/s
      speed. The SDXC cards give you a higher GB number – So 64 GB card is best. And you can use them
      in other cameras like the Sony FS100U and FS700, and the Panasonic FS100, etc. has the best prices.

  23. Éric

    I’ve bought transcend 32go 400x for my D800 and there is a problem to format it
    I have an error 13

    • Olle

      I have the same card and have not tried it in the D800, will try tomorrow. However. Do you think it’s possible to have transcend send us a new functional one? (I bought this one like 6 months ago)

  24. Michael

    I had issues with Kingston elite pro 133X 16GB card as well as the Kingston 32GB 266X.
    I am not having issues with Lexar cards although I found the 133X SDHC cards to run really slow when writing images to them.

  25. Wolfgang


    Photofast 32GB 366x
    Photofast 16GB 533x Pro
    Photofast 32GB 533x Pro
    Photofast 8GB 533x
    Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition 4+8 GB
    Photofast 533 x 16+32 GB

    Not Working:

    MustangFlash Interlagos 633x

  26. bob usher

    Same card problems. I get the error message with Kingstone Ulitmate 266x in both 32 and 16 gig sizes

  27. Billyboy

    Apparently LEXAR IS Recalling ALL CF Cards , to be REProgrammed etc… to be able to be Compatible with the New Nikon D800

  28. Jimclarkphoto

    The Delkin UDMA 8 gig and UDMA 6 8gig cards do not work on the D800 either…

  29. stig bordsenius

    I got a Trancend 32 GB SDHC from amazon, and there are problems formatting it in the D800.
    If I format it with another camera it works, but I do not feel I can trust it.

    • Ed Muralla

      Right now I am still awaiting for the arrival of my camera. I would love to post a feedback soon as I get it and test the new Lexar cards I got. Since I last posted on March 28, I have not heard anything from the three ratailers I pre-ordered from. Reading Billyboy’s post on March 30th, Lexar is recalling “all” the CF to be reprogrammed for compatibility with the new D800. I don’t think the ones I got is included on that recall. If I can recall correctly, Lexar 1000x was created specifically to handle the all the data of that 36MP camera can offer with ease. A little pricey but I think it is all worth it especially when recording a video.

  30. Chris Schwegler

    Bought a used Transcend 32GB 400x Compact Flash and formatted the card in camera without an error. Shot about 30-40 shots on it without a problem so far. Ordered 3 from B&H and will be here shortly and will try them new and see. Will keep you updated.

  31. Chris Schwegler

    UPDATE: Got 3 new Transcend 32gb 400X Compact Flash cards from B&H, work without a problem. Format Card (In Camera), shoot 40 frames, Format Card(In Camera), and no problems.

    Nikon D800: Serial #30005XXX, bought from Best Buy.

  32. Pauwels Romain

    NIKON D800
    ADATA 32GB CF 533x works fine
    TRANSCEND 32GB CF 600x works fine
    TRANSCEND 32GB CF 400x works fine

  33. Jeff

    My d800 works perfectly fine with Transcend 32GB 400X CF and Lexar Pro 32GB 400X SD cards. I’ve shot over 500 shots and a couple hours of video (to the SD card) without any issues.

  34. Jeff

    Re: 1000x card for video
    1000x Lexar is serious overkill for video. In fact, if you look at the numbers, required card speed for video (about 2MP @ 30fps) is much less than 4fps for 36MP. (~144MB vs 60MB for 1 second of video or 4fps/4 frames of full resolution). HD video frame is at least 15x smaller than 1 frame of full resolution… and that’s without compression… compression makes that number significantly larger. I have a casio ZR100 with HD 1080p video and i can save hours of HD video to the SD card (133x Lexar) without any issues. Obviously the compression rate is probably higher on my Casio vs the D800, but you get the idea. HD video is not this issue, its the high def images in raw (potentially) uncompressed that need the 1000x card.

  35. Luckys

    Transcend CF 32Go 400x works fine.

  36. D800 User

    RiDATA 150X 8GB works fine

    FLASHRAPTOR 600X 32GB does not work gives card error when inserted.

  37. jimclarkphoto

    These cards do not work with the Nikon D4 either. Delkin finally responded and said their engineers were trying to work on a solution: ■Delkin UDMA 8GB & and UDMA6 8GB.

  38. jimclarkphoto

    These cards do not work with the Nikon D4 either. Delkin finally responded and said their engineers were trying to work on a solution: Delkin UDMA 8GB & UDMA6 8GB.

  39. Eugene Powers

    This site would not let me comment.
    It says duplicate comment found.

  40. Eugene Powers

    I have Duracell 32gb 600x and can confirm that it does not work.
    But I just bought Topram 64gb 600x and it works perfectly in D800e.

  41. Kevin Tureski

    Saw the Kingston 16GB 133X CF in the “confirmed to work by users” category. Perhaps “sometimes” should be added. I have shot over 10k images on this card in my D200. It formatted fine in the D800. But around 1 in 20-25 shots with my D800, I get a card error and the photo is not saved. Power cycling the D800 allows me to keep shooting until the next error. Yes, I need to buy a new card but I was in a remote location and didn’t have a spare handy.

  42. Thomas Michael Corcoran

    I just bought a Pixelflash 64GB 600x CF card and I get error every time! I format the card in my computer and have no problem transferring files to and from it while the card is in the card reader. I also have a Toshiba 64GB SDXC card which is the fastest on the market R69/W35 class1/class10, and it works great. I really don’t want to send back my CF card. I hope there is a firmware update soon!

  43. vvLA

    Ordered a nice new big cf card based this excellent blog for my D800, so thanks. The files are so huge really didn’t have much choice but to get larger capacity CFs anyway. But I tried my old cards and the Maxell 8GB 400x I had been using error out in the D800.

  44. hq

    Lexar 64GB Professional 600x SDXC UHS-I works with the D800; however, I can’t read the content from a MacBook Pro reliably (15″, 2011 model, built-in SDXC reader).

    After repeated attempts (remove and re-insert), it eventually works. I tried:
    * write-protect the SD card to prevent OS X from writing to it.
    * Formatting in D800.
    * Formatting (ExFAT) using OS X Lion.
    * Formatting using SD Formatter 3.1.

    It is consistent. Every time I insert the SDXC card into the Mac, it fails with an error:

    The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data can’t be read or written (Error code -36 or -43)

    At one point, I had to re-insert 7 times before it worked.

  45. Roger Mathus

    I have a Lexar Pro 600x 32 GB CF card. It has worked perfectly until yesterday when I removed it and re-inserted. After many
    tries, all I get is ERR upon inserting. The camera screen, when called up, says THIS CARD CANNOT BE USED. I even reformatted the card and still nothing but ERR. The card has worked fine for more than a month and has been taken out and re-inserted several times before yesterday with no problem. SDHC cards work fine.

    Another thing I note is that I can’t seem to format either type card using the setup utility function. Either card can be formatted with the two button method.

    Any advice?????

  46. Joachim Neudert

    Kingston CF 16 GB ultimate 600* is not recognized in my D800E.
    Sandisk 16 GB and 32 GB SDHC 45 MB/s UHS-1 are working flawless.

    Greetinx from Bavaria


  47. Bazza

    Here is some very useful card information:

  48. Nuit & Blanc

    Transcend CF 600x 64 GB : Perfect

  49. Frank

    I did just pickup 2x kington cf ultimate 32gb 600x and they don’t work in my new d800 and firmware is up to date..

  50. Thomas Michael Corcoran

    PixelFlash now make CF cards that are compatible with the D800. You may want to specify you are using them with a D800 when you order. Their CF cards are MADE IN THE USA, and are half the price of sandisk and other more popular brands. I ordered one and it didn’t work, they replaced it quickly with one that was compatible at no additional cost. WORKS GREAT! (Pixelflash 600X 64GB Light Speed Professional + $200)

  51. Tony Hirt


    Glad I came across your blog as I thought it was just my D800, picked the camera up yesterday and all three of my new Kingston Ultimate 266X failed to work but the old San Disk and Lexar CF work fine. Great camera but shame I’ve now got to restock on cards

    • Ben G

      Transcend 32GB 600x CF card doesn’t format in my d800e. The format command shows “red” and won’t let me select it. It does seem to take and record photos, however.

  52. Joy C

    I can confirm that the Mustang 32G CF card does not work in the D800. It’s weird, though, that the Mustang SD card works.

  53. Mike Calloway

    I have 2 Duracell brand 16gb – 600x CF cards that don’t work in my D800E. It looks like I will go with the Nikon recommendations.

  54. rob walcott

    Komputerbay 64gb (both CF and SD) have not worked in my D800

  55. Tom E

    Here’s another CF card I can confirm does not work with the D800 – Kingston 32GB Ultimate 600x

  56. sid

    Flashraptor CF 32gb 600X UDMA6; made in Germany and sells on ebay/amazon…no luck so far

  57. Bo Cvalues

    Just came across this blog and might as well share my latest problem with Sandisk Extreme CF 32gb UDMA which work for a week then got an error this time with my D800. How sad…

    • Maria Estrella

      Same happened to me with the same Sandisk Extreme CF…. Worked fine for 2 months and now it’s giving me errors.

      • Fergus

        Same here. Spent a lot on a Sandisk extreme pro udma 6 32GB, exactly because Nikon did recomend it, now won’t work. Sort it, Nikon!

  58. Wybe

    On my D800 KIngston 16Gb 266x CF Ultimate does not work whatever I do. (Despite the fact that it does work on another Nikon camera.)

    An old 1G Kingston works and so does Transcend 8Gb 133x

  59. Michael

    The other thing I recenlty discovered, if you are shooting 14-bit RAW NEF files do not use Nikon Transfer V 1.5.3, I haven’t tested V2 yet but have been warned the same thing may happen. If you dont have the new version, I suggest manually copying the files through Explorer. I did test this by using direct shooting and storage using Camer Control Pro 2 and the files are fine. I am using Sandisk Extreme III 16GB cards.

  60. Rataskanken

    Silicon Power 400x 32 GB works beautifully in my D800E

  61. grum

    Kingston Elite Pro 133x 32Gb seems to have same problem – didn’t make it work with D800E =(


    CF 32GB 533x Adata Work perfetly, but 32GB CF 600x Kingston not work in my D800

  63. Alessandro

    Non funziona con Komputerbay 64GB Compact Flash CF 600X Scheda di Memoria Ultra High Speed 90MB/s leggere 60MB/s scrivere

  64. Walker

    I bought two brand new SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CF cards. After just a couple of uses both of them have given FULL readings when they have only a few images on. I have received a replacement for the first one, before I realised the other was also faulty and am now waiting for the third one to do the same.
    Could it be a camera issue?

  65. Rataskanken

    Encouraged by the success of the Silicon Power 400x 32GB I reported on above (this card has now worked flawlessly for 1000+ exposures), I bought two 64GB versions of the same card (Silicon Power 400x) to use for video. Regrettably, both of these cards failed in the D800E. Both cards test perfectly OK in the Lexar USB 3.0 CF card reader on my Windows computer and were also used without any hiccup by a friend of mine in a Canon 5D Mk II on a three day photo expedition this weekend. However, when the same card was inserted in the D800E the camera first displays [For] indicating that it is formatting the card (which is preformatted with exFAT), and then the camera freezes. It takes a power cycle (battery out and in) to get the camera working again.

    Thus Silicon Power 400x 32 GB works while the 64 GB version fails. Could this be due to the different factory formatting (FAT32 on the 32GB and exFAT on the 64GB)?

  66. Robyn

    I’m using two of the PixelFlash 32GB 600x “Light Speed” cards in my D800E for the past few weeks and they’ve been working well.

    • eawtan

      My pixelflash 64GB 533x works with my D800, except when shooting long bursts. Everytime I continously burst >80 pics on a long vr lens (eg 500mm), I will get a card error eventually.

  67. cjphotonomad

    The SanDisk Extreme CF , 16 GB . 400x worked fine for about a week in my D800 , now it doesn’t !

    • Walker

      I have been told that the cards need to be reformatted in the camera every time you use them. I have tried it with the faulty ones I had and so far they are behaving well, so you may find that will cure the problems with your cards.

      • Walker

        Since I was advised to reformat it every time, they have behaved perfectly giving up to 400 shots on a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro CF card at full resolution on maximum RAW quality files.

        if you are in the UK the best price I have found for cards is on who are based in the Channel Islands. I don’t know if they deliver to other parts of the world though.

        • Fergus

          I *have* reformatted each time with the Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro, still doesn’t work in D800

  68. Bob Moore

    Issues with Transcend CF cards in the D300 and D800. Tried formatting – makes no difference! No problems with SanDisk cards.

  69. Ben Ten

    Transcend 32GB 400x CF card works very well in my D800.

  70. Gaetan Dery

    The Acumen 16gb 600X do not work in my D800. “Error” code shows up.

  71. Jeremiah

    Can confirm 633X Mustang Compact Flash does not work in D800.

    What is worse, a swedish reseller, refuses to return them.
    They also wanted to charge me a 350SEK “Troubleshooting fee” (That is 52 USD)

    So, if youre a swede, buy something else ELSEWHERE

  72. seb2436

    Hello, just got my Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb and it does not work … there is “ERR” on my screen …

    • Walker

      Try formatting your card in the camera every time you insert it. I had problems when i first got my D800E, at one point giiving a FULL reading after just one exposure. Since I was advised to reformat it every time, they have behaved perfectly giving up to 400 shots on a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro CF card at full resolution on maximum RAW quality files.

      if you are in the UK the best price I have found for cards is on who are based in the Channel Islands. I don’t know if they deliver to other parts of the world though.

  73. Archimago

    Didn’t see it posted anywhere yet,
    Duracell Pro Photo SDXC 64GB fails – ERR about every 20 shots or so 🙁

  74. bert

    I have a problem that the D800 works with most cards, also if they have been in my D700, but that after a couple of shots (10-100) it gives a read/write error and says the card is damaged. Is this the problem this article is about?

  75. Kai Jensen

    I got trouble with the Sandisk Extreme 128 gb. First I got a card that could not read all the images. I have tried rescue programs, but it didnt help. Then i got the same on my second card, it was a similar card. 400 images gone 🙁

  76. Bob Sharples

    I have just got a D800 and D4 , my I pro integral cards, 4gb, 8gb and 16gd will not work in either of these camera’s despite working in my D3s/D300. Not happy need to buy new cards! My Lexar 4gb does work in the D800 and D4, so looks like Lexar or Sandisk for Nikons latest camera’s,

  77. MAK

    SanDisk 32GB CF Card Extreme Pro 600x UDMA 7

    New card failed on D800 …camera does not start on ,when I remove the CF card the SDHC extreme Sandisk 95/mbs works fine

    Anybody got a clue ? ….

    • MAK

      UPDATE :

      My problem is gone ,both cards The Sandisk extreme pro 600x and Sandisk extreme 400 32GB now work fine and I’ve formatted the cards many times in camera.
      The problem was that there is a tiny thin pin in the module and if you even very slightly insert the card wrong way or in a twisted position ( though there is no room for that) but even then one can twist or bend that pin and the CF card wont work .

      It’s better to use direct camera cable for transferring data to PC or one might have to be extra careful , was not a problem in D 700 all cards worked fine I never bended that pin 🙂
      Use Nikon recommended cards ,for $3000 camera at least use a $30 cards guys 🙂
      IMO this CF card slot is for video otherwise for pictures the SDHC or XC cards are now very fast and more reliable.

  78. Alan

    New card from Amazon: SanDisk 16GB CF Card Extreme Pro. ERROR message! not impressed as this is one of the recommended cards.

  79. Victor

    I can confirm that Transcend 32GB 400x CF card works perfect in my D800. Please remove it from your list.

  80. Luis Dias

    Hi I have the Lexar 32gb 1000x and doesn’t work with my Nikon D800. Right now I’m in contact whit the Nikon technical service to know why doesn’t work. I think that is a firmware problem because the same CF work’s perfectly with my others nikon’s cameras. Let’s see…

  81. Dave

    I have three Kingston 133X CF cards. Two are 16GB, and one 8GB. Pressing the Menu button, the 16GB cards take about 30 seconds to display the options. The 8GB card works just fine. All three cards work perfectly in a D700.

  82. J Chen

    I confirm that the Mustang 64G 633x Interlagos CF card does work in my D800E.

  83. MrPete

    We have 3 Maxell MaxData 400x UDMA 8GB cards. They work perfectly in a D700. They test perfectly at all levels of hardware testing.

    However, in a D800e, the green LED goes on for a LONG time before the card is seen, if ever. Playing with various menus can sometimes get the camera to wake up but in essence the camera does not know how to talk to these cards.

    It sure feels like a camera firmware bug to me!

  84. Merc_Kosuna

    Interesting… I have a Lexar 32gb 1000x card and have been using it since day one with my D800.

  85. Edmund

    Pixelflash cards have issues with D800 (only during bursts) .
    Details in video :

  86. Peter

    SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s UDMA 16GB CF on D800 after ~20 single shots got CardError. Can’t format on camera.

  87. Albert

    What say about Pixelflash CF 16Gb 600X-pro, somebody tested ?

  88. Luis

    My Kingston Ultimate 600x 32gb is working FINE with my D800. Bought both on last december… Maybe it´s a firmware/card version error?

  89. dmitri yakimov

    +1 to Lexar 32gb 1000x – suddenly died after 21 months of not very frequent use.
    And 2 Lexars 400x died in 2010.
    Moving to Sandisk.

  90. Yuri

    Lexar Pro 1066x gives out error

  91. Yuri

    Not Working:
    Lexar Professional 1066X 32 GB CompaktFlash UDMA 7
    Transcend Ultra Speed (CF) 64 GB 800X .

  92. Rataskanken

    Just bought a 64GB Lexar 1066X and can confirm Yuri’s posts that the 1066X Lexar cards do not work in D800E. The [For] indicator blinks when the card (which is factory formatted with ExFAT) is inserted and when formatting in the D800E is attempted through the D800E menu absolutely nothing happens. Why can’t Nikon fix this stupid incompatibility? I purchased a premium Lexar card because this brand is on the lost of supported cards (although speed has increased in the soon three years since the D800E was released). Their policy of ignoring the customer base is really embarrassing.

  93. Jay

    I had the same problems with any CF card working in the D800. My buddy said to try formatting the card on my computer (I used a PC). Formatted the card on the PC then formatted it in the camera and now it works.

  94. F Milsom

    My D800E won’t recognise my Lexar Professional 800X 32Gb CF card

  95. sumona

    I had also problems with Lexar cards in Nikon800. What i did was replaced that card from Lexar.

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