Hello Triangle!

Today I start my new role as a Technical Architect Consultant with Triangle specialising in Datacenter Automation.

Triangle have been a VMware Partner for over 10 years and they were recently made one of 13 Elite partners worldwide for their work with delivering SDDC solutions.

How I first encountered Triangle was as a customer back in 2008 when they were hired to conduct an assessment of our production environment to see what we could virtualise. At the time I found them to be knowledgeable and easy to work with and based on more recent experiences with talking to Donal, Miriam & Christian there is still that ambition to help solve problems for customers and deliver a quality solution.

Having worked in various large 24×7 enterprises for the last 9 years the time was right to move into a customer facing design and implementation role where I could bring my knowledge and experience to a wider set of clients. I’m also very much looking forward to working with the new team and learning from them.

Let the adventure commence!

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  1. John from the Safe Side says:

    Ross, welcome to Triangle. We haven’t met yet but will do so over coming weeks/months.

    John Keogh. (John.keogh@triangle.ie)

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