VMWare offering a second shot at VCPs and VCAPs in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan & Korea

VMWare are very kindly offering a free second chance at their VCP and VCAP exams until 31st March 2014 for VMWare pro’s in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan & Korea.

Click on this link to access the codes.

Here’s a list of the exams they’re allowing you to retake for FREE if you don’t pass first time:


  • IaaS Exam (VCPVCD510)
  • VCP-Cloud (VCPC510)
  • VCAP-CID (VCID510)
  • VCAP-CIA (VCIA510)

Datacenter Virtualization

  • VCP5-DCV (VCP510)
  • VCAP4-DCA (VDCA410)
  • VCAP5-DCA (VDCA510)
  • VCAP4-DCD (VDCD410)
  • VCAP5-DCD (VDCD510)


  • View Exam (VCP510-DT)
  • VCP-Desktop (VCPD510)
  • VCAP-DTD (VDTD510)
  • VCAP-DTA (VDTA510)

Best of luck in your exams, there’s never been a better time to go for your certifications!

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