Joining the Mothership

Joining the Mothership!
After a really enjoyable year with Triangle I received an awesome (& unusual) chance to join VMware.

I’ve signed up to be a Senior Consultant (SDDC) covering the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), a pretty large region that will certainly help clock up the air miles! It’s a big life change in so many ways… After 10 years contracting this will be my first permanent role, my family will be moving nearly 6000km from Dublin to Dubai, and we will have new lifestyles, cultures & customs to embrace. I certainly wasn’t expecting to be packing up our home and becoming an expat when the year started!

I want to thank Triangle for giving me some great opportunities during the year. It was very much an enjoyable experience getting to work with their client base and getting to design & implement solutions around so much of the VMware product stack. Not once did I dread getting up & going to work which is a real sign of an enjoyable job!

Now to crack on with the rest of my first day as a VMware Employee!

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