Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

I have just completed a (forced) upgrade to my Macbook Pro with a 320GB Seagate (ST9320320AS). “Forced” simply because I woke up this morning turned on my mac and suddenly heard a load of clicking sounds!
I can confirm that this model of drive is compatible with the Macs and was actually a little quicker than the original hard drive.
Links I found useful:

Carbon Copy Cloner

It’s quite easy to do but it does involve over 20 screws being undone!

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3 Responses to Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

  1. Pascal Bourque says:


    I am planning on buying this drive for my MacBook but I have a hard time finding any good reviews on the web… I was wondering how you like the drive after more than a month of usage? How does it perform? Is it noisy?


  2. Ross Wynne says:

    I’ve found that battery life is slightly better than before which I was surprised at. The speed of my mac has improved but that could also be attributed to the fact that some files are no longer fragmented from the copy across the disks.
    Noise wise, I can’t hear it even under a heavy load.

    Hope that helps…

  3. ED Fochler says:

    I have a MacBook Pro 2.4GHz. It came with a Toshiba ~250GB drive. HTS54322 I think. I swapped in the same model Seagate drive you mentioned. It’s nice, similarly zippy, quiet, and cool. I don’t notice any G-Force protection any more, and my drive NEVER spins down. These annoy me a little, but not much.

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