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Solar Astrophotography

I’ve been turning my hand to Astrophotography recently and usually we all think of it being a nighttime activity however after some experimentation I’m going to be trying some daytime shots of the surface of our Sun. My first proper attempt revealed some active sunspot activity on the surface of the Sun! I was able … Continue reading »

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Supermoon Eclipse

New Lens, Eclipse, Insomnia. The perfect combination… Luckily there were no clouds in the sky at the time which is a rarity in Ireland however the big challenge was to get the focusing right on the moon when there was almost no light to help, after about 100 photos I managed to pull out some … Continue reading »

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Astrophotography – A First Attempt

I’ve recently been admiring a friend’s amazing shots on Flickr and got the urge to try my hand on some astrophotography myself. I live in Dublin city where light pollution is pretty bad so my options are limited so while on a trip down the country I couldn’t resist a clear nights sky! The photos were … Continue reading »

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Conwy Castle (North Wales)

The second castle visited on the tour of North Wales was Conwy Castle. Again this was commissioned by Edward I and is a large and dominating castle on the landscape. From what I could see when walking around the town the castle walls encompass a large section of the town and indeed the official Conwy … Continue reading »

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Beaumaris Castle (Isle of Anglesey)

This is the first of several posts relating to the recent trip to North Wales. The weather gods were looking down on us as only 3 days previously most of North Wales was covered in snow however we had amazing sunshine and calm winds. Beaumaris Castle was the first Castle visited off the Ferry and … Continue reading »

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Bray Airshow 2012

One of the highlights of the year for me was the Bray Airshow. It’s an event that even though the wind and rain just kept on coming the large crowd stayed and enjoyed the show by the incredibly skilful pilots. Here’s a selection of the shots I’m happy to put on the blog! Incidentally this … Continue reading »

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Dolmen of Ireland: Brownes Hill

Over the last 6 months we’ve been touring the various counties of Ireland and come across several Dolmens. This post is about the impressively large Dolmen just outside Carlow. The cap stone is an estimated 100 metric tons and was assembled in the region of 2500BC. Would you be adventurous enough to stand under the … Continue reading »

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Leinster vs Cardiff Blues April 2012

Leinster vs Cardiff Blues April 2012, a set on Flickr. A selection of shots from the match… More to be uploaded.

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Cat in the Back Garden

Cat in the Back Garden, a photo by wynnert on Flickr. This shot was taken with the 14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor with the Nikon D800. The fur detail is fantastic.

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The pond in Stephen’s Green, Dublin

The pond in Stephen’s Green, Dublin, a photo by wynnert on Flickr. I’ve just received a 14-24mm f2.8 lens from Conns Cameras and took a few shots in the nearest park I could find. This is one of the first shots with the 14-24mm f2.8 on my D800. It’s unprocessed and simply converted to JPEG … Continue reading »

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