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Author Archives: Ross

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0

Today VMware has release VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0. It’s a milestone release that not only do we have a new name for the product but several key new features that service Providers have been asking for! Release notes: The change of name from VMware vCloud Availability to VMware Cloud Director Availability is the … Continue reading »

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vCloud Director 9.7 MindMap

One of my primary roles within the VMware PSO Team in the METNA region has been to be the main Architect for vCloud Director based Service Providers. One of the tools I’ve come up with over that period has been a MindMap showing the areas that need to be covered in a design. It’s usually … Continue reading »

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Joining the Mothership

Joining the Mothership! After a really enjoyable year with Triangle I received an awesome (& unusual) chance to join VMware. I’ve signed up to be a Senior Consultant (SDDC) covering the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), a pretty large region that will certainly help clock up the air miles! It’s a big life change … Continue reading »

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NSX for vSphere 6.3 and NSX-T 1.1 Released

VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 has been released today and with it comes a host of new bells and whistles: vSphere 6.5 Support VMware Integrated Containers Support Centralised dashboard for Services and Operations Faster Upgrades Future NSX Manager upgrades will no longer require a reboot. VMware claim this will mean upgrades are 5 times quicker. … Continue reading »

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How to Re-IP a vCloud Director Cell

There’s been a comment on the vExpert Slack asking about how to Re-IP a VCD (vCloud Director) cell. Here’s a rough method to carry out the task. The basic method would be to: Log into the VCD Cell in question that needs to be re-IP’d Enter ‘service vmware-vcd stop’ On the Database Server for the … Continue reading »

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My VCAP6-NV Deploy Experience

The VCAP6-NV Deploy exam is very similar to the original VCIX-NV and from a casual review of the blueprint the only major item added has been multi-site NSX. The main ‘spoiler’ I can give for the exam is that of all the blueprint items there were roughly 3-4 small items that weren’t asked. In the … Continue reading »

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My VCAP6-DCV Deploy Experience

I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of VMware VCAP exams this month. The first of which was the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam (the old DCA) in New Horizons in Dublin city center. A three hour experience that is only for those admins who enjoy pain and suffering the challenge of fixing very broken vSphere environments. The lab itself was well … Continue reading »

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VMware NSX vExpert 2016

On Friday I got the good news that I made it onto the VMware vExpert NSX program for 2016. This particular program is for current vExperts who have a passion for NSX to gain insight into what is coming down the pipeline and help provide feedback where possible on the product. Currently there are over 1300 … Continue reading »

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My VCAP6-CMA Design (Beta) Experience

I recent sat the VCAP6-CMA Design beta and thought it might be worth writing up a few words on the experience. The beta is under NDA so please don’t expect a brain dump here, I enjoy sitting certification exams and I have no interest in getting barred from sitting others just to have a few … Continue reading »

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NSX Guest Introspection & Data Security – Simple DLP

This week has been pretty heavy on demonstrating NSX and its various security capabilities. One of capabilities that is the slightly ignored is the inbuilt DLP capabilities for finding private data such as credit card numbers, SWIFT codes, VAT numbers, driving licence ID numbers etc on deployed VMs. Usually most conversations around NSX are about Microsegmentation and … Continue reading »

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