Completing the Clean Sweep of VCA exams

This week I took my third VCA (VMWare Certified Associate) exam, VCA-WM, and passed. The exam itself is 100% based on the Workforce Mobility self paced online course on the VMWare training site. I sat the exam straight after the course and since it was fresh in the memory I got 460 out of 500. Had I gone into the exam without doing the course then many of the questions wouldn’t have meant much to me.

I took the VCA-Cloud exam within days of it being released after VMWorld 2013. I’d worked on vCloud Director and it’s earlier incarnation, VMWare Lab Manager, for the last 4 years and assumed that the entry level exam was simple. I was wrong! It was specifically geared to be taken after the vCloud Fundamentals course which I hadn’t sat through. The exam again was focused on the content of that course and some of the questions were related to discussions about use cases that were covered in the course. As with most technology you can use these products in a variety of ways to reach an end goal however VMWare has ‘official’ ways to do things and I was caught out on a couple of questions. Do the course and it’ll be child’s play!

The VCA-DCV was much more straight forward for me. I’ve worked on all ESX versions since 2.5 and the answers were much easier. If a skilled VMWare admin were to go into any of the exams without preparation this would be the easiest one to do as it focuses on core terminology and the benefits of Virtualization. Pretty standard stuff. If you’re new to VMWare then take the
Fundamentals course.

There are various discounted voucher codes and on occasion freebie voucher codes floating around to sit the VCA exams so it’s really worth taking a look and getting your fingers into the VMWare pie.

The next VCA exam to be released I’d the Network Virtualisation (VCA-NV) which I believe will focus on the new NSX tooling within the VMWare stack. NSX will do to networking what ESX did for server estates! I’m personally looking forward to what I’ll be able to orchestrate for my clients in months and years to come!

I’ll post about the VCA-NV exam when it’s released and I’ve given it a whirl.

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